Has your dog developed a physical problem causing you to notice a change in their behaviour?

Is your dog recovering from an injury, fall, slipping, or from fighting with another animal?

Perhaps you have noticed that they are having difficulty going up and down stairs, getting into the car or even climbing onto the sofa?

Changes in your dog’s behavior (including growling or whimpering), or general character is often their way of communicating discomfort or pain.

If your dog is in competition, you may have noticed under-performance, such as being slower, knocking down fences or refusing to sit squarely. These are also tell-tale signs that your dog could be suffering from back pain.

At WeaverHouse Canine Osteopathy we are here to help relieve pain and help correct the underlying cause of musculo-skeletal problems.

Canine osteopathy is recognized by veterinary referral as an effective and natural form of treatment for many canine musculo-skeletal conditions, which may include:

  • Recovery from surgery
  • Accident or Trauma
  • Competition injury
  • Lameness
  • Repetitive activities or Racing

If you have noticed any physical or behavioural changes in your dog and would like to see them improve, please contact us today by completing the contact form or calling on 0845 519 8614 and discover how we can help you and your canine friend.

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