Brock is a 9 year old border collie, the dog presented with ataxia (staggering gait pattern in hind limbs) in January this year, sudden onset, probably caused by knocking into another dog. The owner took him along to her vet and was put on a course of anti inflammatories and pain relief for 5 days, reviewed later in the week, little improvement, referred to orthopaedic vet for assessment and MRI scan which revealed a number of prolapsed discs in the low thoracic spine which were applying pressure onto the cord causing the hind limb lameness. Surgery was discussed, but the owner decided on a course of physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment combined, together with restrained exercise. I am pleased to say that Brock has made a full recovery and now attends WeaverHouse Canine clinics on a maintenance basis to maintain his health and mobility.

Canine Osteopath Adam Tilstone assessing Brock’s left forelimb.


A passive assessment of the dogs neck to check for full range of movement.

Canine Osteopath Adam Tilstone performing a spinal assessment of the muscular tone and spinal alignment in the dogs back